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Tech Social Enterprise

Spin-off from Biologic, an established 

deep-tech in EdTech, industrial IoT and Healthtech.

The Team comprises of expertise in software development, system design, algorithm development and learning pedagogy.


In the coming age of unprecedented disruption, digitalization is emerging at this forefront. In future-of-education, future-of-work, future-of-healthcare or future-of-living. Coding is a required basic literacy in understanding software, . Rather than reserved for top STEM students or future-of-work elites , coding should be as ubiquitous as Excel on our desktop. 

Cody aim to lower the barrier of coding to as many students or adults as possible. Any teachers can  endeavor to learn and teach coding.  Any adults can aspire to learn and practice coding. 

Quick Facts

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We’re based in the heart of deep-tech valley of  Singapore

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